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Tips on Finding Excellent Hotels in Hammersmith

October 25, 2017 Taylor 0

Located in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Hammersmith is an area of West London that sits on the northern banks of the Thames River. The urban centre is a thriving area of London with restaurants, shops and hotel chains. Several business centres are also situated here cementing its reputation as one of the key commercial hubs of London. In addition, its excellent location makes it an important base camp from which you can explore many of London’s attractions and tourist sites. There are diverse hotels in Hammersmith where visitors can stay when visiting London.

The hotels in Hammersmith can range from the big hotel chains to the local hotels which are smaller in scale but give you some really good local feel. Hammersmith offers good accessibility for many visiting London. It is adequately served by underground train lines including the Piccadilly, the City Line and the District Line and the Hammersmith. In addition, there are excellent entertainment and dining options in and about Hammersmith.  When visiting, here are some of the top hotels in Hammersmith London which you can opt for excellent quality accommodation:

hotels in hammersmith
hotels in hammersmith

The Best Western Plus Seraphine Hammersmith Hotel

Good location and luxurious amenities make this one of the most excellent Hammersmith accommodation options. It is situated only 5 minutes from the Hammersmith Underground and train station and half a kilometer from the Hammersmith Apollo so you can enjoy top quality accommodation while sampling some of the greatest in entertainment offers here.  The hotel is located at the 84 King Street.

Chiswick Rooms

This is a good hotels Hammersmith option for those looking for a unique boutique accommodation option in Hammersmith. Rooms are ultra modern with a host of modern amenities to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.


These are Hammersmith serviced apartments. Located at the 209 Hammersmith Grove, the serviced apartments are in quaint Victorian buildings with tree-lined village surroundings. They offer the perfect option for you to enjoy some serene and quiet accommodation right in the middle of London.

Novotel London West

Enjoy some top end luxury and accommodation option at the Novotel London West. This stylish hotel Hammersmith facility is situated only 5 minutes from the popular Hammersmith Apollo. Rooms are ultra spacious and comfortable with chic appointments. There is an onboard bar serving some delectable menus.

Castletown Apartments

This is an exceptional option for anyone looking for luxury apartment accommodation in Hammersmith. Located at the 58 Castletown Rd, the apartment offers easy accessibility to the West Kensington area and the Baron’s Court tube stations. The apartments are chic with stylish appointments and the rooms are ultra-spacious and comfortable. From here, you can get excellent views of the London city.

There are numerous other exceptional hotels in Hammersmith that you can opt for when visiting the city. The choices of the best place to stay ultimately depend on your tastes and preferences. Check out the hotels near Hammersmith or in the area such as Plaza Hotel, Hotel Balkan, London Grove Hotel, Comfotel BLU and Premier Inn London Hammersmith amongst others.

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Ways to Spend Less on Your Seal Rocks Beach Accommodation

October 25, 2017 Taylor 0

With the domestic tourism market in Australia being  estimated at 63 billion dollars, it is an indication that more Australians are stepping out to enjoy their country and accommodation options available. It’s no doubt that accommodation, especially in areas that have access to the beach such as beach accommodation seal rocks has today can be quite expensive, and for people that are working on a tight budget, it can be quite a strain. However, there are things that you do so that you can end up spending less money on the accommodation than you had anticipated.


Sharing a Room

If you have gone perhaps for a game or a concert with your best friends, then rather than each of you booking a different room, sharing a room can be quite advisable. Alternatively, you can book a room for two.  Such a room will have different beds for both of you instead of opting for a cheap beach accommodation in seal rocks. Additionally, sharing a room will give you an opportunity to bond with one another and spend some quality time as you talk about the event that  you are  about to attend.

Nearby Location

Ensure that the beach accommodation seal rocks offers is in close proximity to the location of the event that you are planning to attend in that area. This will reduce the hassle of trying to find the venue and inconvenience. Most of all, your expenses will be reduced because the transportation fees will be eliminated, and that money you can spend on something else. Additionally, ensure that the seal rocks beach accommodation you pick are affordable so you can have more money for your appending.

Fewer Amenities

Hotels today are really stepping up their game and know what consumers like so they can lure customers. However, if your intention is to stay in a cheap beach accommodation in seal rocks then you need to forgo some things. This includes technologies like WI-fi which will always come at an extra charge. Besides, you are all out to have fun, so staying without Wi-Fi really will not even affect you. You will focus more on bonding with your friends other than spending your time on social media. Check out Blueys Retreat

Buy Your Own Stuff

In Seal Rocks, most hotels come with bar fridges for rooms. This usually offers a chance for guests to stock their own goods and beers. This will help reduce your costs, especially in the event you will be spending an extended amount of time in the hotel. However, if you also want to eat outside you can just walk to the nearest restaurant and have your meal without having to go far away incurring some additional expenses.

Mostly every beach accommodation seal rocks offers include electronic locks and thus the guests are able to store their belongings without having to worry about safety. If you brought a car along with you, most hotels will also provide you with a parking space so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. Log on to the internet to know more about various types of accommodations available here (check :

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