Golf Training to Golf Playing: For The Good Life

Golf is one of the most celebrated games in the world. The game has unique aspects that impact the way it is played. For instance, the course it is played on is not standardized, hence has distinct dangers, lengths, and shapes when hitting the ball around. The golf training video provides tips to learners on how to understand different courses. In fact, even on the same course there are variations from hole to hole. This describes one of the challenges encountered by most of the players and the problematic feature of the game that highlights the need for the golf training video. has made life easier for interested players through golf training video that provides a free consultation to deal with general mistakes.

Non-professional golfers

It is paramount to understand the common mistakes when playing golf. Non-professional golfers are convinced that the more a person turns a backswing, the more the likelihood of gaining distance, which is faulty. The correct way to gain distance is to keep a perfect posture that makes it possible to accomplish a fluid swing that facilitates a solid touch with the ball. To overcome this challenge, one needs to recognize the level of making the transition from backswing to down string.

Golf player

The objective of every golf player is

  • To play the game perfectly, which can be attained through correct implementation, effort and thought. Every golf player who plays the game prudently and wisely, will enjoy it throughout his or her life and play good golf. It is, therefore, necessary to have the basic understanding of golf.


The fundamental lessons are easy to comprehend and remember. Lesson one consists of good golf swings that comprise of four or five basics. The fundamentals include:

1. the down string

2. stance and posture

3. the grip

4. the backswing.

An excellent golf swing includes three key lessons; an appropriate turn of the hips, a suitable waggle appropriate for every shot and a correct backswing that is maintained on the plane. Proper implementation of each of these lessons will generate a repeating and mastered swing that is reliable in all situations.

Golf is fun, and it is a fact that within six months of wise practice and dedication, one can transform into a professional golfer with a score of or close to 80, following the basics. To achieve the goal of playing the game perfectly, there is an interaction of the fundamentals of golf and a person’s life. The two aspects that explain this integration are metronomic precision and overarching holism. To play golf and live a good life, there is a need to evaluate the key building blocks and considerations as well as the description of their relationship and functions. The metronomic precision is about the reconstruction and deconstruction of the golf swing and how it applies to the ‘way’ an individual lives his or her life. As quoted, ‘it is a correct grip or a perfectly tuned conscience, and a brain-inspired with proper moral fundamentals that allow a person to hit correctly implemented golf shots or display authentic moral character’.

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