Starting Your Business Right: Be Part of the 10% Who Succeed

It really gets daunting to see big numbers in startup businesses’ failure, citing that 90% percent fail — whilst 8 out of ten do as well in a span average of 18 months. You don’t have to be bothered much by these with the proper mentoring and informative consultations as what most investment firms like Brian Gaister have to offer. If you ask yourself the right questions, the more likely you are to succeed with better answers. It helps to have a helpful breakdown of your business idea. Being aware of your weaknesses is a rare strength.

Here are other traits that give you a better shot at making it to the 10% of successful entrepreneurs:

1. You can accurately determine if your product is market-ready and vice versa

Timing is everything and rushing too fast into a market that isn’t ready for the product/s you’d introduce may give your success to someone else who timed it better. Expert consultation such as what certified investment managers like Brian R. Gaister provide now can help you analyze your situation. Is your product ready for the market and vice versa? How is this determined? What sets a bar to what is defined as “ready”?

2. You’re aware of which details to take note of and how to deal with these

You’d need expert consultations to get this one perfectly. Maximizing your decisions and acquiring a team that coordinates well revolves around what standard defines their roles, effectivity, and efficiency. A good example like many investment firms would be the Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister has co-founded. You’d know which variables and factors to cover and which to assign to your team when you get a consult from its CEO, Brian Gaister himself.

3. You can lead a team that is resilient — recovering against failure

Failure and cutbacks in the overall budget or the brink of bankruptcy are some of the red flags in failing a business. Turning that crucial and difficult curve on the lifespan of your business requires great leadership and damage control. This can be taught by many experts in the field like Brian Gaister. Leaders aren’t born, they are made.

If you set a good example in both leading and management, those under you may just step up and unveil their potential for the benefit of your business and investment. Resilience isn’t exactly learned overnight. It is realistic to consider that not a lot of individuals are fit to stand once more from failure. Be the exception.

Get a consult. Be part of the 10% who succeed

A willing mentor is a great investment of your time. With lessons teaching you how to be more knowledgeable with the market and business start-up process, its applications, twists and turns, and model leadership, you can sail the storm better. Learning it from a CEO and co-founder willing to mentor and counsel you is better than just consulting online sources — even other experts that are half-willing. Mentoring as a passion brings desirable results to the learner (Kua et al 2006). What are you waiting for? Sign up for an expert consult like Brian Richard Gaister at his website for an effective investment plan and business plan at

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