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Getting Hard Money Loans Easily

November 21, 2017 Taylor 0

Life is not always easy. Challenges come at every turn and would catch you unaware. There are also times when you are in desperate need funds but couldn’t find the means to come up with the amount you require. If you are in California, the fastest way to raise funds in such situations is to get hard money loans. If you ever face this dire circumstance, you should start looking for a nearby lending agency that could process the loan for you.

Get Hard Money Loans Faster than Conventional Channels

It is true that the type of funding discussed here is not the run-of-the-mill  bank loan. Bank loans could be beneficial due to the lower interest being charged, but the volume of paperwork and documentation and the overall time needed to disburse the funds to the borrower could take long, even up to two months. Certainly if you need the money as of yesterday, that would be ruled out. Hard money loans, especially in the state of California, directly refer to the loans offered by private lending institutions against a collateral, which is usually a property you own. The advantages of going for this type of raising short term funds are many. More than describing these as advantages, one can say this is a far easier and quicker way to raise money for any emergency with the lending agency asking you very few questions. Check Evoque Lending for more details.

One of the first hurdles you will face when you apply for any loan is your credit score or rating. To get hard money loans, even a poor credit score would be no deterrent since the agencies look more closely at the future value of the property you are offering as collateral than your past record in repaying loans or other credit outstanding. This is a very important and useful provision since a person normally gets into a situation of wanting immediate funds, mostly due to some extraordinary requirement. One of the first casualties, when you are running low on your finances, is your credit card repayments and there is no way you can escape when approaching the conventional channels for borrowing. The hard money lenders perhaps understand this, and as long as they evaluate that the property you own at least a minimum threshold percentage of the total ownership value, they will have no difficulty in sanctioning the loan.

You Need to Correct the Situation Fast

If your requirement for funds is genuine, and you feel you will be able to make good the loan as quickly as possible, then there’s nothing like the hard money loan. This is because of the following:

  • The funding is more short term in nature;
  • You will have to pay a higher interest rate on the hard money loans and the earlier you arrange to settle it, the better for both the sides;
  • Though you need not be the 100% owner of the property you need to be holding a reasonable share of at least 30% in it;
  • Lastly, even if the property is on a mortgage, the lending agency will take it on request and allow you to draw the loan with the usual expectations. So get a hard money loan and enjoy everything thereafter.

When it comes to money lending or loan application, only choose a company you can trust with your property or investment.  To find more information on hard money loans and related services such as investing your hard-earned money, you may visit or contact their hotline number at 1-800-5058121.

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What People Who Volunteer Want You to Know

November 9, 2017 Taylor 0

Some people nowadays are hooked with traveling abroad. There are some who explore international horizons to take a break or to find themselves. According to the great Indian philosopher Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”. A plain old vacation abroad is great, but wouldn’t it be greater if you can both explore the country cheaply and deeply by involving yourself in the community? If you’re planning to travel abroad for vacation, here are some reasons to consider Overseas Volunteer Work as the best option to explore the world.

Overseas Volunteer Work

Proud Experiences

Not only will you witness generosity concretely, you will also get other people to know that being able to help is an achievement worth sharing and worth being proud of. Your Philippines, Thailand, Bali or Nepal travel or vacation will not just stay as a stamp on your passport but also on your professional record as experience on your resume. Not only that, your international volunteering experience can help you stand out in the crowd when you apply at colleges or universities. After that, if you list it as experience on your resume, your overseas volunteer work will show your employer that you have both the altruism and perseverance that they’re looking for in employees. Your volunteering experience presents you as a well-rounded, mature, committed and self-motivated individual that is admirable to any employer.

Your Wanderlust

Volunteering abroad lets you witness parts of that country concealed from the common tourist trail. With this you can truly experience their culture and live with your hospitable host families. The mixture of your wanderlust and desire to help makes the trend of “Voluntourism” grow beautifully and widely.

Change of Life Perspective

We all have experienced getting sick of our daily, monotonous life. That’s why vacation time exists because it’s only natural for human beings to take a break. The daily stress we get from work, family, relationships, and health can leave us exhausted, but one thing that volunteering can change in us is our perspective in life. The sense of achievement in successful volunteers and the new outlook in life they have just gained make them all the more motivated in carrying on with their lives. They have been seen as more appreciative towards what they have now, since they have witnessed the predicament of the people in some of the poorest nations on Earth they have helped.

Being Human

There are many reasons for desiring to travel the world but, as human beings, you can’t change the fact that somewhere deep inside us is that longing to help those in need. There are also other people who may have went to a certain country before already, and they enter these overseas volunteer work for them to fulfill their wish to help and be involved in that country further. Whatever the reason for your calling to give back to the world, it doesn’t really matter if you have less or more today. There is a lot you can offer, and that is your precious time and passion to create real change.

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Starting Your Business Right: Be Part of the 10% Who Succeed

October 27, 2017 Taylor 0

It really gets daunting to see big numbers in startup businesses’ failure, citing that 90% percent fail — whilst 8 out of ten do as well in a span average of 18 months. You don’t have to be bothered much by these with the proper mentoring and informative consultations as what most investment firms like Brian Gaister have to offer. If you ask yourself the right questions, the more likely you are to succeed with better answers. It helps to have a helpful breakdown of your business idea. Being aware of your weaknesses is a rare strength.

Here are other traits that give you a better shot at making it to the 10% of successful entrepreneurs:

1. You can accurately determine if your product is market-ready and vice versa

Timing is everything and rushing too fast into a market that isn’t ready for the product/s you’d introduce may give your success to someone else who timed it better. Expert consultation such as what certified investment managers like Brian R. Gaister provide now can help you analyze your situation. Is your product ready for the market and vice versa? How is this determined? What sets a bar to what is defined as “ready”?

2. You’re aware of which details to take note of and how to deal with these

You’d need expert consultations to get this one perfectly. Maximizing your decisions and acquiring a team that coordinates well revolves around what standard defines their roles, effectivity, and efficiency. A good example like many investment firms would be the Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister has co-founded. You’d know which variables and factors to cover and which to assign to your team when you get a consult from its CEO, Brian Gaister himself.

3. You can lead a team that is resilient — recovering against failure

Failure and cutbacks in the overall budget or the brink of bankruptcy are some of the red flags in failing a business. Turning that crucial and difficult curve on the lifespan of your business requires great leadership and damage control. This can be taught by many experts in the field like Brian Gaister. Leaders aren’t born, they are made.

If you set a good example in both leading and management, those under you may just step up and unveil their potential for the benefit of your business and investment. Resilience isn’t exactly learned overnight. It is realistic to consider that not a lot of individuals are fit to stand once more from failure. Be the exception.

Get a consult. Be part of the 10% who succeed

A willing mentor is a great investment of your time. With lessons teaching you how to be more knowledgeable with the market and business start-up process, its applications, twists and turns, and model leadership, you can sail the storm better. Learning it from a CEO and co-founder willing to mentor and counsel you is better than just consulting online sources — even other experts that are half-willing. Mentoring as a passion brings desirable results to the learner (Kua et al 2006). What are you waiting for? Sign up for an expert consult like Brian Richard Gaister at his website for an effective investment plan and business plan at

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Tips on Finding Excellent Hotels in Hammersmith

October 25, 2017 Taylor 0

Located in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Hammersmith is an area of West London that sits on the northern banks of the Thames River. The urban centre is a thriving area of London with restaurants, shops and hotel chains. Several business centres are also situated here cementing its reputation as one of the key commercial hubs of London. In addition, its excellent location makes it an important base camp from which you can explore many of London’s attractions and tourist sites. There are diverse hotels in Hammersmith where visitors can stay when visiting London.

The hotels in Hammersmith can range from the big hotel chains to the local hotels which are smaller in scale but give you some really good local feel. Hammersmith offers good accessibility for many visiting London. It is adequately served by underground train lines including the Piccadilly, the City Line and the District Line and the Hammersmith. In addition, there are excellent entertainment and dining options in and about Hammersmith.  When visiting, here are some of the top hotels in Hammersmith London which you can opt for excellent quality accommodation:

hotels in hammersmith
hotels in hammersmith

The Best Western Plus Seraphine Hammersmith Hotel

Good location and luxurious amenities make this one of the most excellent Hammersmith accommodation options. It is situated only 5 minutes from the Hammersmith Underground and train station and half a kilometer from the Hammersmith Apollo so you can enjoy top quality accommodation while sampling some of the greatest in entertainment offers here.  The hotel is located at the 84 King Street.

Chiswick Rooms

This is a good hotels Hammersmith option for those looking for a unique boutique accommodation option in Hammersmith. Rooms are ultra modern with a host of modern amenities to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.


These are Hammersmith serviced apartments. Located at the 209 Hammersmith Grove, the serviced apartments are in quaint Victorian buildings with tree-lined village surroundings. They offer the perfect option for you to enjoy some serene and quiet accommodation right in the middle of London.

Novotel London West

Enjoy some top end luxury and accommodation option at the Novotel London West. This stylish hotel Hammersmith facility is situated only 5 minutes from the popular Hammersmith Apollo. Rooms are ultra spacious and comfortable with chic appointments. There is an onboard bar serving some delectable menus.

Castletown Apartments

This is an exceptional option for anyone looking for luxury apartment accommodation in Hammersmith. Located at the 58 Castletown Rd, the apartment offers easy accessibility to the West Kensington area and the Baron’s Court tube stations. The apartments are chic with stylish appointments and the rooms are ultra-spacious and comfortable. From here, you can get excellent views of the London city.

There are numerous other exceptional hotels in Hammersmith that you can opt for when visiting the city. The choices of the best place to stay ultimately depend on your tastes and preferences. Check out the hotels near Hammersmith or in the area such as Plaza Hotel, Hotel Balkan, London Grove Hotel, Comfotel BLU and Premier Inn London Hammersmith amongst others.

Explore more exciting info here:

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Ways to Spend Less on Your Seal Rocks Beach Accommodation

October 25, 2017 Taylor 0

With the domestic tourism market in Australia being  estimated at 63 billion dollars, it is an indication that more Australians are stepping out to enjoy their country and accommodation options available. It’s no doubt that accommodation, especially in areas that have access to the beach such as beach accommodation seal rocks has today can be quite expensive, and for people that are working on a tight budget, it can be quite a strain. However, there are things that you do so that you can end up spending less money on the accommodation than you had anticipated.


Sharing a Room

If you have gone perhaps for a game or a concert with your best friends, then rather than each of you booking a different room, sharing a room can be quite advisable. Alternatively, you can book a room for two.  Such a room will have different beds for both of you instead of opting for a cheap beach accommodation in seal rocks. Additionally, sharing a room will give you an opportunity to bond with one another and spend some quality time as you talk about the event that  you are  about to attend.

Nearby Location

Ensure that the beach accommodation seal rocks offers is in close proximity to the location of the event that you are planning to attend in that area. This will reduce the hassle of trying to find the venue and inconvenience. Most of all, your expenses will be reduced because the transportation fees will be eliminated, and that money you can spend on something else. Additionally, ensure that the seal rocks beach accommodation you pick are affordable so you can have more money for your appending.

Fewer Amenities

Hotels today are really stepping up their game and know what consumers like so they can lure customers. However, if your intention is to stay in a cheap beach accommodation in seal rocks then you need to forgo some things. This includes technologies like WI-fi which will always come at an extra charge. Besides, you are all out to have fun, so staying without Wi-Fi really will not even affect you. You will focus more on bonding with your friends other than spending your time on social media. Check out Blueys Retreat

Buy Your Own Stuff

In Seal Rocks, most hotels come with bar fridges for rooms. This usually offers a chance for guests to stock their own goods and beers. This will help reduce your costs, especially in the event you will be spending an extended amount of time in the hotel. However, if you also want to eat outside you can just walk to the nearest restaurant and have your meal without having to go far away incurring some additional expenses.

Mostly every beach accommodation seal rocks offers include electronic locks and thus the guests are able to store their belongings without having to worry about safety. If you brought a car along with you, most hotels will also provide you with a parking space so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. Log on to the internet to know more about various types of accommodations available here (check :

For more information, visit at

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Important Types of Business Insurance

October 24, 2017 Taylor 0

Mainstream and startup business owners purchase business insurance according to the nature of their trade. For instance, if you need credit insurance with Niche Trade Credit, you must ensure that it meets your area of possible risk. However, the risks covered by such policies are almost similar in most cases. Common types of business insurance include:

Credit Insurance with Niche Trade Credit

General Liability: Your business may face a number challenges based on niche and the environment in which you operate. General liability policy protects your business from legal hassles, which may arise due to accidents, injuries, or any claims of business negligence. In case of any bodily injury or property damage due to fire, theft, or fraud, this policy is in place to take care of such losses. When your business faces a lawsuit for any reason or medical expenses are involved, this policy exists to protect the business in such situations.

Product Liability Coverage: As a business owner, you need to have your products covered against possible risks. If your business manufactures, trades in wholesale, distributes, or stocks products at the retail level, you may experience financial loss at times. Product liability coverage is important for protection against a defective product that may cause bodily harm to users, inadequate measurements, and any other product-related risks.

It is advisable to invite an agent for risk assessment and verify the amount of insurance you can purchase for this particular coverage. The amount of your coverage often depends on the nature of your trade and the products you trade in. You can also get information on the policy from reliable companies such as Niche Trade Credit.

Professional Liability Coverage: If your business provides specialized services, you need professional liability coverage to protect it from errors or malpractices that may arise in the course of your services. For instance, if you are an independent healthcare provider, you need to cushion your business against malpractices or negligence that you may experience in the course of your work with patients. In that case, you can apply for credit insurance with Niche Trade Credit.

Commercial Property Insurance: This type of policy protects your business from any damage that may arise due to fire, hailstorm, or other forms of risks that may affect your products. The term property is used in a wider aspect in this category including buildings, computers, furniture, vital paperwork, or money. With this policy in place, you can rest assured that your business is covered against such risks.

In the end, it important to mention that business insurance is a vital requirement for any business owner. When you are starting up as a business owner, your entire investment may be held up in the business. In case of any damage to the business, you are likely to experience major financial losses and property damage. To cushion your business and yourself against such risks, it is only important that you have in place adequate coverage for your business. The amount you pay in premiums can never compare to the amount of risk covered.

To get started, you can consult various service providers in your area. For example, a quote for credit insurance with NicheTC Trade Credit is a step in the right direction.

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Roles Played by Accountant Professional Indemnity Insurance

October 24, 2017 Taylor 0

Accountancy insurance is a company that was formed in 2003. It focuses on Audit Shield as a very important component of tax insurance. Accountant professional indemnity insurance was established as the need for official auditing and enquiries increased. Financial operations within New Zealand incorporated accountancy insurance back then in 2011. During this time, the main office was based in Auckland.

accountant professional indemnity insurance

About Audit Shield

Audit shield is a service that oversees expertise fees related to auditing, review of returns, enquiries and investigations. The shield covers these components whenever they are linked to the Inland Revenue. Audit shield also offers a cost effective security on the total fees to be incurred when the government conducts investigation, audits, enquiry or reviews. This process ensures that a business enterprise complies with taxation and legislative policies.

This institution extended its operations to several accounting firms that are based within Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Most of these firms occupy metropolitan areas while others occupy rural areas. The establishment of this venture was initiated by Pat Driscoll who is the current managing director. Its main objective is to interact with public companies and facilitate tax audit insurances. It accomplishes this objective through the help of field agents tasked with the job of emancipating local enterprises. They also seek to engage as many clients as possible in their operations.

Customer reviews

Numerous customer reviews have been documented regarding the services offered by accountant professional indemnity insurance. Client reviews are vital in the progression of an economic activity. These reviews are basically submitted on the website of the company. This is an instance of how technology has influenced modern financial activities.  Most clients have given positive comments regarding Audit Shield. The service is deemed as easy to operate and very engaging. The Account manager has also received several compliments regarding the administrations offered.

The company values customer service and their successes are attributed to this course of action. To be precise, services offered usually match the demands of customers. Clients are given a chance to participate in decision making processes that are meant to expand the institution. This firm also seeks to expand the accounting community through collaborations with big financial and tax agencies. This move helps them to comprehend current occurrences in the economic sector.

The role of the staff

Accountant professional indemnity insurance comprises of a team of competent professionals. These individuals are alumnus of top accounting learning institutions in the country. They have also worked in several economic ventures as a way of gaining extensive experience. All of them have been certified by the government as chartered accountants. This certification measure is usually adopted to increase the quality of services within a particular jurisdiction.

Liaisons with professional associations

Good business liaisons have been established with professional associations found within New Zealand. These liaisons are healthy for the prosperity of any economic activity. Most of the professional associations involved here have been in the frontline in transforming the accounting sector. For instance, the company partnered with PANALITIX that focuses on transforming the monetary progress of accounting experts as well as their customers.

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Why take protection insurance for random audits

October 20, 2017 Taylor 0

According to the law prevailing in Australia, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is entrusted with the task of conducting random audit of companies and various other establishments. The purpose of this audit is to ensure that you have complied with the tax law of the State. At the same time, during the process of audit by the ATO, you may have to incur certain expenses like fee for the auditor and so on. In such cases, you may avail the benefits of audit protection insurance, which protects your firm from such unforeseen expenditure.

Chosen randomly:

As already said, ATO conducts the audit randomly. The ATO may randomly select your business enterprise and conduct the audit. In the normal course, by rotation most of the organizations come under the scrutiny of ATO at least once in every four years.

Cuts into profit:

This audit is conducted without giving prior notice to you. At the same time, the expenses on random audit can be huge. In such cases, you might not have created a budget to meet the expenses on such random audit. Naturally, it will be an extra burden on your income. In order to cover such unforeseen expenses, you may take up the audit protection insurance.

Compliance with related laws:

While conducting the random audit, the ATO will examine your compliance with the tax law on matters relating to payroll tax, land tax, compensation to workers, development grants if any, GST, superannuation payments and various other incomes. In addition to this, the ATO will also examine, while dealing such matters, whether you have also complied with various related legislations that may be in force.

Look for old records:

Once the ATO starts the random audit, you are obliged to provide him all the necessary records. In the normal course, the ATO may also require written explanation on various accounting or legal issues. In such cases, your staff may have to work extra hours to dig the old records for which you may have to compensate the staff suitably.

Services of Attorneys or Chartered Accountants:

There can also be instances that you may have to take the assistance of your attorneys or chartered accountants to provide suitable clarifications to the ATO. In such cases, you will have to pay a suitable remuneration to the attorney and the chartered accountants. All these will involve huge expenditure and in order to meet such unforeseen expenses it would be ideal that you may take an audit protection insurance.

Management Liability Insurance:

At the same time, it should be noted that protection insurance for audit is different from the Management Liability Insurance. The random audit conducted by the ATO is not covered by the Management Liability Insurance.

Choose a suitable insurance policy:

You can take the insurance from any of the reputed insurers. The terms and conditions of insurance for audit protection differ from one insurance company to another. Some of the insurance companies have a unique insurance policy which covers both SMSF and tax audits. It would be ideal that you may contact your chartered accountant who would help you to choose an insurance policy that is suitable for your business.

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The N.B.A. Finals’ Big Moment Finds Andre Iguodala, an Unselfish Warrior

June 14, 2017 Taylor 0

OAKLAND, Calif. — On the morning of what would prove to be their final day of the postseason, the Golden State Warriors held a voluntary shootaround at their practice site. Everyone showed up. At one point, Coach Steve Kerr made his way over to Andre Iguodala and asked him a simple question: “How many minutes you got?”

The Warriors were a few hours from facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the N.B.A. finals. In truth, Kerr’s question was more of a plea. He desperately wanted to close out the Cavaliers at home, and he hoped he could rely on Iguodala — even more than usual — to help make that happen.

“Whatever you need,” Iguodala recalled telling Kerr. “I’ll be ready.”

It was a subtle exchange that stuck with Iguodala, 33, as he prepared for the game. It gave him a good feeling, he said, knowing that his coach planned to lean on him. Sure enough, Iguodala went out Monday night and assembled one of the finest games of his career. He defended LeBron James. He hopped into his time machine and soared for dunks. He encouraged his teammates and enthralled the crowd.

“Andre lives for the big moment,” his teammate Draymond Green said.

By the end of the evening, Iguodala was a champion for the second time: Warriors 129, Cavaliers 120. He also made good on his pledge to Kerr, contributing 38 minutes 7 seconds of near-flawless playing time off the bench. He scored 20 points and shot 9 of 14 from the field. The Warriors outscored the Cavaliers by 18 points when he was on the court.

“I’ve been so stressed the last three, four weeks,” Iguodala said. “I told my wife right after the game, like: ‘I’m so sorry. It’s just been so stressful.’”

If nothing else, Iguodala has a unique ability to channel that stress for the greater good.

In Game 5, Kerr shortened his rotation. Ian Clark and JaVale McGee, who had been steady reserves throughout the postseason, did not shed their warm-ups. Instead, Kerr broke the emergency glass and summoned Iguodala to supply the most minutes he had in a game since December. In so many ways, Iguodala held it all together.

“You have to embrace it,” he said. “It’s really just sacrificing to make sure everybody else is eating. But then you want to look for yourself sometimes. Like, you want to show people what you can do.”

Iguodala is as much a symbol of the Warriors’ willingness to sacrifice as anyone on the team. At the start of the 2014-15 season, which was Kerr’s first as the Warriors’ coach, Kerr persuaded Iguodala, a former All-Star, to give up his role as a starter and come off the bench. Iguodala agreed to do it, and the Warriors went on to defeat the Cavaliers in the finals that season.

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7 Tips for Volleyball Tryouts

June 14, 2017 Taylor 0

Bump, set, spike! If that phrase means nothing to you, you could use a bit more practice before volleyball tryouts this fall. Read our tips to prepare before you step onto the court.

Fit to Play

Coach Tom Turco of the celebrated Barnstable High School volleyball team in Massachusetts—who led his team to 17 state championships—ladvises his athletes to be in top shape before tryouts.

“[I tell them] that they need to be in very good physical condition and give them info on formal group workout sessions throughout the summer,” Turco says.

Find a group class you can join at your local gym or recreation center to stay in shape ahead of tryouts. For reference, Turco’s players are required to run a mile in less than eight minutes. If you can’t join a gym, find a friend to meet for workouts.

Find an Outside League

Practicing in the off-season serves as a skill-polishing session in itself. Consider joining a club or recreational team. Rec leagues may be the best bet if you’re just starting off, while club teams are generally more competitive (and expensive).

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A Football Coach’s Struggle With C.T.E. — and a Guilty Conscience

June 14, 2017 Taylor 0

RALEIGH, N.C. — In the last years of his life, the longtime football coach for dominating college teams wrestled with impaired speech, forgetfulness, lapses in concentration. And with his conscience.

His body was betraying him, and now, possibly, so was the sport he loved.

A few years earlier, the coach, Don Horton, had learned that he had Parkinson’s disease, but these new, intensifying infirmities were more commonly linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated hits to the head and linked to football and other contact sports.

Was his deteriorating health, Horton wondered, a consequence of his many years as a football lineman? Even worse, he worried, was he responsible for exposing hundreds of players to the kind of head trauma now impairing his life? After all, as a prominent assistant coach at Boston College and North Carolina State for nearly 20 years, he had recruited and encouraged scores of athletes to play major college football.

In the still of night at home, Horton asked himself what he should say if a parent of a former recruit called to say that a son was suffering from C.T.E.-like symptoms.

“And I would tell him that he could say: ‘I know how it feels,’” his wife, Maura Horton, responded. “And Don didn’t necessarily like that answer. But that’s the truth.”

There was only one way to be sure if he had C.T.E. His brain would have to be examined post-mortem, the only way to confirm the disease since there is no reliable test for the living. At first Horton balked, but as his cognitive difficulties intensified, he relented and even insisted that the findings of his brain examination be made public.

Horton died almost one year ago, on May 28. He was 58. Multiple news reports celebrated his accomplishments, and hundreds of former players and colleagues attended his funeral. Quietly, researchers at Boston University’s C.T.E. Center received his brain; the results would not be revealed for nearly 10 months.